Frosty Acres Ranch AKA DJ Outfitters

Go on a Private Land Hunting in Northwest Colorado

We host many hunters, which have become our friends. We are located within the natural migration route. We have approximately 11,000 acres that are divided into private ranches to provide you with the opportunity to hunt exclusively with your group. The Ranch offers elk, deer, and pronghorn. We offer rifle and trespass fee hunts on private land.

Deer in a field

About Frosty Acres

We provide you with a safe, enjoyable hunt by making sure that you are on safe, private land and checking in daily to accommodate any requests you may have.

Elk in a field

Deer and Elk Season Dates

Our location is in the center of the annual elk migration path and the annual residence of local deer.

Pronghorn in a field

Pronghorn Season Date

Our location is in the center of the annual residence of pronghorn goats.